Adventure #1


19th of January 2017 Cape Otway National Park, Victoria, Australia – This year is for experiences, so for my boyfriends birthday, I took him on an experience. Zip lining through this amazing forest, appreciating nature, pausing to live a little and breathe. This adventure was spectacular.

These trees are majestic.

They stand tall,

They show power and wisdom.

They intimidate and inspire me.

Watching the leaves moving in the wind,

Graceful and elegant,


5 things I am grateful for today:

  1. My car – thank you for allowing me to travel to places with mountains and trees when I get tired of the city.
  2. My camera – so thankful that I live in an age where every moment can be captured, treasured and remembered.
  3. The sun – curling up and napping where the suns rays are strong and warm is one of my favourite passtimes.
  4. Nature – absolutely breathtaking.
  5. My boyfriend – for always being appreciative and grateful.

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