14th December 2016 Melbourne’s Summer Night Markets – Markets held every Wednesday at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Markets during the summer months. Their was an abundance of food, people and culture, to top it all off, a beautiful summer sky.

I have watched a lot of movies at the cinemas in the last 12 months, more than I can afford. I don’t remember the titles of most of these movies but I clearly remember the contents of the overflowing rubbish bins as people pile mostly half eaten popcorn containers and frozen coke cups into the mouth of a bin that is not big enough.

I always notice this and it makes me feel uncomfortable, I have a sense of guilt seeing that half eaten popcorn in the bin even though it is not mine. Thinking about it more I realise that we don’t appreciate food enough. We don’t think twice before putting something in the bin – we don’t want it so we should throw it out, right? Technically, yes. But we need to learn to make smarter estimations about what we can consume so we don’t get to that stage where we are throwing away perfectly good food, where we are self-aware of our bodies and how much we can intake so their is less food wastage.

I too am guilty of wasting food and I am not proud of it. Last year was the first time I lived alone and had to cook for myself, I had no idea how much groceries a person needed for a week. Sometimes I over-shopped and three quarters of food ended up becoming waste. Other times I didn’t shop enough and would end up starving, being too lazy to buy more groceries. An year into living alone, I still struggle and I am in awe of my moms ability to figure out exactly how much 5 people ate for most of my life. It is definitely a skill that most of us don’t have.

We live in a society where everything comes in an abundance, portion sizes are huge and we don’t worry about ever running out of resources, although it may be happening in the background, we don’t feel the impact. We are spoilt and everything is readily available.

I often think of those less fortunate, those vulnerable in this country who don’t get basic needs like food and shelter as well as those overseas where they may travel miles to get fresh water. We are so fortunate that we can afford to leave half eaten popcorn containers in the bin, we are fortunate enough to make perfectly edible food, ‘rubbish’. Saving that popcorn is not going to change the life of someone who is starving however we all need to be more aware of lucky we are, be conscious of our actions and be appreciative of what we have on our plates every time we eat.

‘If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world’ – J.R.R. Tolkien

5 things I am grateful for:

  1. Seeing the sky from my bed when I lie down at night – I woke up at 5.30am to realise that the sky was a beautiful shade of light purple, a mixture of the morning and night sky, part of it light population, nonetheless beautiful.
  2. Long deep conversations with friends – I met up with a friend who I see rarely but am able to talk for hours with about multiple topics that matter to us and leave me feeling refreshed.
  3. Time – I like that time heals most wounds (physical and mental).
  4. Nature – We wouldn’t be alive without it.
  5. Public transport – what would I do without trains.

Till tomorrow.


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