I always thought my closest friends were the ones I never needed to worry about. The ones who were always there and by my side regardless of how time has aged us.

I find that this may not be true.

Is it all just face value? People hug, kiss and talk about their lives over brunch, put on fake smiles, laugh at jokes but go home and pick out the whole conversation with someone else and bitch about their friends insecurities and flaws? Why do people do this.

In a time where I feel as though friendships should not be a problem; we are older, emotionally stronger, more aware and respectful, I am still faced with doses of friendship issues that should have rid themselves from my life 5-7 years ago.

Why do we pretend? What value does pretending add to our lives?

I think about the past and wish to reconnect with those I have encountered issues with, mend the connections and move forward paving a brighter path but as I rekindle the relationships of the past, the present unravels itself and I am sitting here wondering, what is the point of all this.

Humans are supposed to be social creatures, I find that we are terrible at being so.

I feel silly providing guidance to young individuals around friendships as part of my job when I can’t seem to figure out what is happening in my own life.

Not everyone is perfect, not even I but I hope their comes a time where we all grow and the people around me are good people, and I hope that I am too, to them.

3 things I am grateful:

  1. Despite the post – my friends.
  2. Strangers – because they can become your friends.
  3. My family – I have them no matter what.

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