I look forward to our encounters. 

Quarterly or so. 

Unsure where to start, who to fill the gaps first, to bridge the silence of months.

I speak. You speak. Things begin to flow.

I question. You question. Curiosity.

Laughter, reminiscing of times before. 

Feels like yesterday, but was years ago. 

I sip my beverage, as do you, filling the silence with slurps.

Eye contact, gestures, smiles, conversation in between.

Oh how good these joyous, genuine moments are.

A lifetime of more, I hope.

What would I do, without a friendship like yours.

5 things I am grateful for today:

1. Those friends who will always be my friends, although I don’t see them often.

2. The feeling of a fresh hair cut.

3. Home made food.

4. The comfort of home.

5. Nature- weather is beautiful here.


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