Growing up.


Growing up is a complex term to define.

Growing is when you blossom from a baby to a toddler, to a girl/boy, teen, young adult and finally into a woman/man. I think the biological part of growing up is easy, the mental part is truly a struggle, some of us never really quiet get there.

Growing or maturing means having greater self-awareness, thinking before you speak, picking your battles, challenging the world and being patient amongst it all. I am sure there is more to it, but as a 24 year old, that is as much as I have learnt.

Recently, I have made this transition where I feel equal to people who are older than me. Before, I felt younger, I felt as though anyone older than me had a sense of power over me and I felt vulnerable. I was afraid to speak up and talk, I felt like I didn’t have that option.

Now I do, I don’t know what has changed but I feel different. I keep telling myself it is as simple as ‘having a conversation’whenever I am in doubt, or in trouble or have something to say to anyone, older or younger. It is as simple as that, don’t be afraid to ‘have a conversation’. There is nothing a conversation can’t fix, shed light on or clarify. It is vital in every avenue of life whether it be talking to you friends, partners, siblings, parents or bosses.

Having the courage to have a conversation means that help is never too far away. 

I think a part of growing up means that you are brave enough to communicate and stand up for yourself. I am not perfect at it yet, but I am glad I am on my way there. 


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