Onwards and upwards?


It has definitely been a month or two since my last post. Things have picked up, things are better, onwards and upwards?!

As much as parts of my life are peaking, other parts are failing but I am not going to complain because I believe there is a solution for everything.

I have been making a effort to keep on top of everything (except these posts perhaps) but along the way things can slip away. I realise for me, the things that slip away are relationships.

How do I fix something when I don’t quite know how to? I know my friendships best, what if things cannot be mended and this is what it is? Too bad there isn’t someone with all the answers.

I am currently on my 7 day break from uni, the only break I will get all year before I graduate, for it I have decided to come home.

Home is nice, comfortable and a change of pace.

This year is flying by.

I feel moments of clarity and confusion.

This is life.

3 things I am grateful for:

  1. Autumn in canberra is truly magnificent.
  2. My one on one relationships with my friends, are ones that a treasures.
  3. Home made food.

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