June 2016 – Manly Beach, Sydney Australia

Joy. how often do you use the word joy to express how you feel? How often do you feel joy?

There isn’t many moments in my life I would define as joyful. Happy, yes but not joyful.

I think joy is what you feel when you are on a trampoline or riding on your dad’s shoulders as a kid. The feeling when you blow huge bubbles, roll around on the grass and you have uncontrollable laughter your stomach starts to stitch.

Joy comes in small brief moments. Moments too small to notice if you aren’t paying attention.

We all chase happiness, who chases joy?

I would like to chase joy. Joy seems so rare, pure and fresh. I want more joyful moments in my life!

5 things I am grateful for today:

  1. Mangoes – delicious!
  2. Job opportunities – I went to an interview today, I haven’t got the job yet but I am still grateful to have made it to the interview! Every interview is more practice, whether you get the job or not.
  3. Little Sister – she came to Melbourne with me so I wouldn’t have to drive 8 hours alone, I appreciate that.
  4. Nature – Today was a little too hot but still nice.
  5. Adaptation – I love how quickly humans are able to adapt to a situation.

Till tomorrow.


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