Adventure #2

Canberra is surrounded by mountains. Being located within a valley, the area is abundant with natural flora and fauna. There’s a lack of buildings and cars, although rapidly populating, the area is still quiet and peaceful.

On a Sunday, you observe people spending their time outdoors. Parents riding two seated bicycles with their toddlers, friends on leisurely walks and serious cyclists battling the summers heat and oncoming vehicles.

Barbecues and picnics are quite common around the many beautiful and artificial lakes. In other words, people like to spend their time in nature.

Today I went on my second adventure. An hours drive from the Gungahlin area you reach Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, home of the Gibraltar Peak and Falls. This was my first time hiking this trail which was a combination of easy and difficult.

Gibraltar Falls is a few kilometres drive from the Woods Reserve. A nice little spot with fresh clear water, nice views and a cool breeze.

The views were worth it. The pictures does not do it justice. Canberra is home.



5 things I am grateful for today:

  1. Canberra – for being full of nature and hiking opportunities.
  2. My sense of adventure – Actually wanting to put the effort into doing a hike and accomplishing it on a hot summers day.
  3. My friends – Having like minded friends who are up for an adventure makes life that much better!
  4. Nature
  5. Mushrooms – I just love eating mushrooms, they would easily be my favourite food.

Till Tomorrow.




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