2014 Amsterdam – At the end of my Bachelors Degree I went on a trip to Europe with one of my good friends. Amsterdam was beautiful.

When you are going through a hard time everything becomes foggy. I tend to spiral, think of everything wrong with my life, dump it into a huge bag and decide to carry that over my head. I feel the weight wherever I go. Most of the things I place in the bag are troubles from the past, negative thoughts of the future and self-pity. Everyday that cloud gets more grey and the sign of any sunshine seems far away.

What I am here to say is that, that sunshine has always been there, you just haven’t noticed it.

Most of us wait for ‘better times to come’ or ‘life to get better’, as though it is so far away into the future, we don’t know where it is, so we will sulk around till then but it’s somewhere out there.

When you drop that weight, tell yourself that you are no longer going to carry that bag full of negativity around with you, things brighten.

Don’t be stuck in the past, it is done.

Don’t imagine the future, it isn’t real.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Learn to learn from the bad, embrace the good and let life be.

William Shakesphere said

‘There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so’

Our view of the world, our frame of reference defines our reality. If your view of the world seems cloudy, you need to change your frame of reference. Pay attention to the good, accept the bad, cultivate love for yourself and others not self-pity and hatred and life will become easier to live.

5 things I am grateful for today:

  1. Memoirs – Unintentionally I have been reading a lot of memoirs this year and I think I have decided that they are my favourite genre. They are captivating, enlightening and full of wisdom.
  2. Being who I am – I am hard on myself, I blame myself a lot for things that go wrong even when they aren’t my fault. I think I need to appreciate who I am more.
  3. Chai Lattes – are delicious!
  4. Nature – I didn’t take advantage of it today and I wish I did.
  5. A friend – When a friend makes you cry tears of happiness with her comforting words when things aren’t going well, you know you’ve made a good friend.

Till Tomorrow.


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