This too shall pass.


Canberra from a hot air ballon (credits to my sister for this picture)

‘This too shall pass’ is my favourite quote, first reading it in a book written by a buddhist monk, it stuck with me.

Impermanence is a universal truth.

Time heals everything.

Time puts everything into perspective.

5 things I was grateful for yesterday:

  1. The sky – driving home in the early hours of the morning before the sun had risen, I was lucky enough to experience the shades of pink, purple, orange and red light up the sky as the darkness faded away.
  2. Time – I am thankful that time heals everything.
  3. Imagination – Sometimes we imagine the worst, I am thankful that imagining the worst (although painful at the time) makes reality so much more manageable, most things aren’t as bad you predict it to be.
  4. Podcasts – On the long drive home I listened to multiple podcasts, I felt tired at the end of my journey but also enriched with knowledge which I later shared with my sister, who too was enlightened.
  5. Nature – today it rained all day, it was chilly and nice. The grassland was starting to look dry, so I am glad it rained.

Till tomorrow.



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