Wattamolla Beach Royal National Park

Throughout my life I have felt pressure. Pressure to do certain things to satisfy myself and others. Has anyone felt like there is so much pressure in this world today to be happy, so much focus of how to be happy, what to do to be happy and what you are doing wrong. We read all these articles and listen to a million things on what we should be doing in order to be happy. Does anyone ever stop and think, hey I am happy, not doing any of those things, not focusing on all the things I am doing wrong but just being without all the pressure?

I constantly feel pressure to be healthy, to exercise, to read, to do yoga and meditate, to be confident, happy, social and to challenge myself. Of course I want to be this incredible person that somehow is so control with their lives they can do all these things but I can’t because I am not doing it for me, I am doing it because I feel like I have to.

Last year I started journalling, I used to journal as a child to improve my english but that was it. After watching the ‘morning pages’ video by Lavendaire, I decided why not try to give it a go. I first started off by telling myself it had to be done everyday, it didn’t happen. I would feel guilty for not having completed the task by the end of the day and it kept going. Later, I used to write when I felt like it, it felt right and I wanted to open myself up. Soon I was writing daily, it was something I did sometime during the day, there was no set time, whenever I felt like writing, I sat and I wrote. There was no mental strain of trying to fit it in or feeling guilty if I didn’t. After 6 months I have formed the habit of writing everyday, I have skipped a day or two due to other more important circumstances. Nevertheless, journalling has become a consistent habit.

So I realised that if I take the pressure off, I tend to do things more consistently. I have applied this rule to exercise as well. No more I have to attend the gym for an hour and do legs and 30 minutes of cardio. I have set myself a minimum 30 minutes of exercise a day, doesn’t matter what it is and I have been able to stick to it. Sometimes I go to the gym other times I go for a walk. I don’t feel pressure and I don’t feel guilt. I feel good.

I think all of us have enough pressure in our lives to deal with whether it be from family or work. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves and actually do the things we want to do than constantly think of the things we want to do till we don’t want to do it anymore or we spend so much time thinking about doing it, we don’t have time to do it.

Relax and do, things will get done.

5 things I was grateful for yesterday:

  1. Indian food – Being Sri Lankan, everyone mistakes me for an Indian. They think the two countries are practically the same thing, they aren’t. We are so extremely different. I enjoy having many Indian friends and eating their delicious food.
  2. Feelings of accomplishment – Yesterday I did the 1000 steps (a hiking trial in Melbourne), I hated myself for putting myself through it the whole time I was climbing, but it felt so great was I was done, so refreshing.
  3. Parents – Sometimes I like being treated like a child, it is nice to know that you will always be a child to your parents because being an adult can get tiring.
  4. Nature – it was a really hot day yesterday, especially for a mid day hike however the ferns in that forest are incredible.
  5. Sleep – I think it cures everything, headaches, stomach aches and broken hearts.

Till Tomorrow.


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