Ever since Trump became president, I wake up to find 5 to 6 news updates about the absurd things he has been up to while I was asleep. Truly ridiculous. I have so many questions about how someone can have so much power over the way other people run their lives, whether I choose to get an abortion is none of your business! I won’t talk more about he-who-must-not-be-named cause he already receives plenty of unnecessary attention. I am going to talk about why having choices matter.

Firstly, I don’t care whether a woman decides to have an abortion or not (I’ll support her either way). Whatever choice they make, I am sure is the best decision. Who am I to tell anyone they are right or wrong. I have never lived their life, I don’t know their problems or circumstances. Personally, I don’t know what decision I would make if faced with having to make that choice, I trust that I will make an educated one. 

Secondly, why should rape victims have to bear the child of their prepetrator? Sometimes men and women don’t even want to keep their own children, so why should a rape victim be forced to carry an unwanted baby for 9 months? Being raped is not a woman’s fault. I acknowledge that men get raped too and they too are not to blame. 

Abortion saves the lives of women, it reduces the amount of complications women have and ensures that a child with severe physical or mental disabilities are not brought into this world to suffer. I know everyone will have different opinions on this point, but when we become parents, we are supposed to know what is best for our children, I am sure no parent wants to see their child suffer to live every single day. But again thats the individuals decision to make.

Women who are denied abortions are more likely to live below the poverty line, become unemployed, live on welfare, be domestic violence victims and suffer mental health issues. Who would wish any of that on someone, simply because another person decides that abortion is wrong. None of these consequences affect them but their opinion matters?

Why are people always so concerned with things that do not affect them? Look within, fix your own problems before you start dictating how someone else should live. I and many others get this on so many levels, for example –

  1. Constantly being questioned about being vegetarian or vegan, I don’t question your meat eating. I don’t say stop. Why are you allowed to question my dietary choices? Trust me I am getting enough iron & protein and a lot less non-communicable diseases.
  2. Why aren’t you drinking (alcohol)? Because I don’t want to? Do I have to explain every little choice I make? Did I stop you from drinking?

5 things I am grateful for today:

  1. That Trump is not my president – No person is perfect but I am thankful that he isn’t dictating my life.
  2. Avocados – You make everything so delicious.
  3. Public Holidays – I am on holidays so everyday is a public holiday for me but I am glad public holidays exist for when I won’t be on holidays anymore.
  4. Nature – Today is gloomy and the air is still, a perfect day to stay at home and read, although I will not be.
  5. Women in the past who fought for my rights – thank you.

Till Tomorrow.


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