April 2016 – Carlton Gardens Melbourne Victoria

I own a lot of things. I never realised the extremity of this till I moved away. The small studio apartment I moved into had a wardrobe space that even a mouse couldn’t fit into (exagerration) – but it was tiny. The mountain of clothes I had probably wouldn’t have fit into 50 times that wardrobe size. All my stuff was giving me a headache. They were everywhere and I had no solution. I ended up packing everything away under my bed, except things I usually wear or need. And I totally forgot their existence. 

This is when my journey of getting rid of stuff began. 

A few months later I realised I had all these clothes that clearly don’t matter to me because I forgot about them for months and they made no difference to my life. I didn’t think twice, I donated them all. This was before Marie Kondo’s minimalism trend, but once I educated myself on Marie’s ways, I was enlightened, especially her folding style.

After that everything felt like I didn’t need it and I had the urge to throw everything I owned out. I mean why do I need 30 makeup brushes, 4 red lipsticks and multiple bags? I don’t need it and I didn’t want it anymore either.

I won’t lie I definitely went through a phase where I thought owning more things made people think I was better but I have come a long way from those adolescent insecurities and I am glad I went through that to be where I am now. 

After my epiphany, I hardly ever go shopping and I have a rule that for everything new thing I buy, I must get rid of something I already have (to avoid any unnecessary hoarding). Every time I go back home to my old room, I get rid of more and more things, now it is pretty much empty except for textbooks and some sentimental clothes and objects. It is so refreshing. 

I used to have an obsession with buying books (I love the experience of holding a book and reading) but it got out of hand when I was buying at a faster rate than I was reading. My sister’s bought me kindle for my birthday (thank you) and I love it, I have stopped buying books and it is better for the environment too!

What I have learnt so far:

  1. Holding on to any object before buying while shopping makes me not want it anymore – holding it gave me the gratification of owning it. So now if I know I am impulse buying, I hold on to the thing and walk around the store ‘exploring’, if I still want it after, I buy it. If not, I never wanted it in the first place.
  2. Media makes you think you should have things, but you really don’t need it, be self-aware and show media who’s boss!
  3. Having less makes moving home ALOT easier.
  4. Having less things makes your mind a lot freer.
  5. If someone judges you for wearing the same outfit twice in a week, that’s their problem, not yours. Imagine the mental effort it takes to remember everything you wore so you don’t repeat it. No one cares, save that mental energy for something that matters.
  6. I am still learning, I still own a fair few things. Every few months I reassess my things and donate anything that I don’t value anymore or give away things to people around me who I know would value it more.

Remember it is about quality not quantity.

And thats relevant to all avenues of your life.

5 things I am grateful for:

  1. The opportunity to own things – I am very aware and appreciative of everything I had and have. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity in my life to buy things that I wanted, not everyone is that lucky.
  2. UberEATS – I am not proud of being so lazy that I am not bothered to cook or pick up the food that I ordered, but today was a day where other things mattered more and UberEATS made my life easier.
  3. My genetics – I am thankful that I am healthy and I try my best to be.
  4. Nature – today was warm with a cool breeze.
  5. My boyfriend – thank you for being who you are.

Till tomorrow.


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