What inspires us.


24th of December 2016 Royal National Park Sydney, Australia

There are times in my life where I feel down, uninspired and not alive. I have experienced this feeling so many times. I know a few days before it arrives like when you feel a seasonal cold coming along and you start to intake everything with vitamin C in hopes of driving the cold away.

In times like this I go hunting for inspiration, so that I can feel enthusiastic and whole again. Inspiration can come in any form for me but not everything works, I have to trial and error. When its the right form of inspiration, I am instantly cured of my ‘blues‘ and I move on completely forgetting how I felt a minute ago.

I find inspiration in:

  1. Books: Memoirs, self-help/ buddhism, historical or fantasy.
  2. Documentaries or movies based on true stories.
  3. Classical music.
  4. Podcasts.
  5. Talking to someone who inspires me.
  6. Going for a long walk, breathing and appreciating nature.

All these things make me feel great on a daily basis, I think we should all incorporate something that inspires us into our life so that we feel alive every single day. I find that if I do at least one of these things daily, I don’t feel the ‘blues‘ as often. I am relaxed and mostly stress free. Find the things in your life that make you feel alive, treasure & practice them.

5 things I am grateful for today:

  1. Sleeping in – Everyone loves a good sleep in.
  2. My legs – they allow me to go for long walks, enjoy nature and get some vitamin D.
  3. Free time – The end of last year was a busy and stressful time for me, I am truly appreciating the holidays and using them well while they last.
  4. Nature – I love lying on fresh green grass and staring up at the blue sky.
  5. Movies – I watched Hacksaw Ridge and Hidden Figures, both brilliant movies that show us how people changed the lives of others as well as history for the better, truly inspirational.

Till tomorrow.


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