the power of being anonymous.

Being anonymous gives power.

Being anonymous diminishes fear.

I never realised what a big difference being anonymous could do until I worked as an anonymous telephone counsellor.

It’s sad to think that someone trusts me, a complete random from an unknown location with all their thoughts, fears and worries. They trust me over their friends and family because I am no one to them.

What is it about being anonymous that allows them to share their deepest secrets? the lack of judgement.

It’s empowering being the person that countless people can trust and depend on. They can depend on us because we listen, we provide guidance and we support regardless of what culture, religion, wealth or gender you may be.

A problem is a separate entity to a person. A problem does not make that person a problem. A problem is a problem on its own.

What I am trying to say is maybe we should all listen a little more, talk a little less, be there for someone a little more, judge a little less because someone close to you could be counting on a complete stranger for support because they feel like you are never really there.

It is important to also realise that saying you are there for someone isn’t the same as being there for someone. Prove it when they need you, words mean nothing without action.

Non-judgmental, unconditional love can go a long way.

If there is a burning secret or worry on your mind that you can’t seem to shake, send a postcard anonymously and everyone will know but they won’t know its your secret –


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