The Delicate Mind

We are all born fragile, physically and mentally but we overcome that as we grow but some of us don’t. If I had to choose between being physically unable or mentally unable I would choose to be physically disabled and I’ll tell you why. When there is something physically wrong, either you have a terminal illness and you are fighting for your life or you don’t have an arm or a leg, what is wrong with you is quite clear (unless its something super rare or completely new) , either there is a treatment or not and you know whether you are going to get better or gradually worse but if I had a mental illness there is so much that is not known and not knowing would make me even more fragile mentally.

I’m not saying that if you are physically handicapped, you should consider yourself lucky because you aren’t mentally ill but from what I can see from media (not that that is very insightful resource) and books, those who are physically disabled always have the strongest minds and hearts with so much optimism in life and most of the time they are the most talented at something extraordinary that the rest of us can’t do. The mind makes us who we are and we can adapt to our environment but if our minds were against us what then?

The worst thing about mental illnesses is it’s not visible for everyone to see. Your friends and family don’t know and maybe you don’t even know until something terrible happens. If no one knows how will anyone ever get help? Another thing that is worrying is people don’t understand others with a mental illnesses and it scares them so they back  away and pretend nothing is wrong especially when someone needs you the most. If you are scared, imagine how they feel. There may be thoughts running through their mind that shouldn’t be there and they can’t get them out no matter how hard they try to and they have no one to turn to. They live everyday with their insides eating them out until they can’t take it any more and they are gone. Suddenly everyone is curious to what happened, when it is probably too late.

I’m writing this because I don’t understand either and I suppose I’m not meant to because I’m not the one going through it but I want to understand. How do normal everyday people who were fine once get to that point where they don’t even know themselves any more and feel helpless. What happened in their life that changed it? What is it with today’s society that is causing so many individuals to become depressed? and most importantly how can we help them because being there for them is sometimes not enough to save them.


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